[RDD] Compile issue on Debian "Squeeze"

Rob Landry 41001140 at interpring.com
Sat Dec 4 03:25:42 EST 2010


I'm trying to build Rivendell 1.7.2 on Debian 6.0 ("Squeeze").

I want to use an AudioScience sound card, so I've downloaded, compiled, 
and installed hpklinux-4.04.07.

Rivendell will compile OK *without* the hpklinux driver installed; 
however, with the hpklinux driver installed it fails with:

rdhpisoundcard.cpp: In member function ‘void 
RDHPISoundCard::setClockSource(int, RDHPISoundCard::ClockSource)’:
rdhpisoundcard.cpp:167: error: ‘HPI_SAMPLECLOCK_SOURCE_ADAPTER’ was not 
declared in this scope

I'm guessing that I'm missing a prerequisite, but I can't figure out which 
one. Has anyone else here seen this error?



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